Whether you're a weekend golfer, or you play regularly throughout the week, you'll find excellent golf club choices in the UK. The biggest UK golf clubs are ideal because they must cater to a steady stream of players. This means that they must keep the course in excellent shape in order to keep everyone consistently happy. The greens must be cut to size and watered, and the fairways must be maintained all year long. A premier golf club owner understands what it takes to keep his course in the best shape possible. Here are some major advantages to joining the biggest UK golf clubs.

The biggest clubs offer something for everyone, including quality tournaments. Golf tournaments are great because they allow players to learn from local and national pros. The big clubs have courses that are ideal for money tournaments, so they attract talented players from all over the world. One of the best aspects of finding a club that hosts tournaments is that the club can handle large groups of spectators. This means that you will be able to see each golfer take a shot with much more ease. Consider this fact when looking for the biggest clubs to join, because it is definitely a major advantage.

Bigger golf clubs are advantageous because they are perfect for work retreats as well. Most players agree that a golf course is the ideal spot for colleagues to get to know one another much better. Friendly competition brings out the best in people, and it allows them to foster new relationships both on and off of the course. The biggest clubs also offer dining halls and larger club houses. This is ideal for large parties of people who choose to share a great golfing trip with one another. Larger clubs also employ dedicated staff members who care about your experience while you play.

Another advantage to playing the biggest golf clubs and courses in the UK, is that they attract celebrities. Celebrities choose the best courses around, and the highest quality ones usually get the most attention from players. Pro golfers, movie stars and musicians often join the courses that are able to offer them perks. They also choose bigger clubs because they can handle large parties of friends who choose to golf with them as well. When you find a big club that celebrities frequently visit, then you'll know it is a great choice for you to play it.

The biggest golf clubs in the UK allow their members to play under pristine conditions. They ensure that the course is in optimal shape to provide a quality experience for everyone, regardless of the weather conditions. This is not always the case with smaller venues that do not see nearly as many golfers during a calendar year. They only maintain the course during fair weather months. A big year-round course provides the perfect atmosphere for you to hone your skills, and to enjoy what a real golf course is all about.