The biggest and best UK golf courses do much more than simply offer golf. They have the ability to handle large events of most any kind, and this allows the course to advertise itself in other areas. One of the more important parts of a larger course is that it has a sizeable clubhouse and catering services. A large clubhouse is crucial if you want to attract groups of people who value golf courses for more than just playing the links. Catering should be available to suit the needs of everyone who wishes to enjoy fine dining during their visit.

Larger golf courses in the UK also have exceptional conference rooms for you to use. These rooms are perfect for business partners to meet and hash out new deals. They come equipped with wifi services, and other aspects of useful technology. The seating arrangements are conducive to live video conferencing. This allows international business affairs to be conducted with ease. It is important that the conference rooms are located away from noisy areas such as the first tee or dining hall. Check to make sure that your course of choice can handle business ventures.

A golf outing is not complete without the ability to cook outdoors during major events. Most of them will have an outdoor cooking area for the nicer months of the year. This enables you to cook food for larger number of people when events start to take shape. It also allows you to customize your golf experience so that you can create lasting memories. Parties, such as birthdays and anniversaries, should be enjoyed outside when the weather is nice, and a great grilled meal is the perfect way to make sure that this happens. Regulations might be in effect though, so you must check to see if you have to rent out the equipment before using it.

Scenic overlooks and tours for groups with guides are another perk for larger courses in the UK. Many courses are steeped in rich history, and they offer a guide service to take you and your party throughout the grounds to experience all that it has to offer. A quality guide will have the ability to answer all of your questions promptly, and he will show enthusiasm while sharing the course's rich heritage and culture with you and everyone else who is involved with the trip.